MH17: aspropirgos admitted mistake the story of the “fighter APU”

MH17: росспропагандист признал ошибкой сюжет с "истребителем ВСУ"

11.12.2019, 06:58


Ernst denies that the fake was removed intentionally, and does not believe the official investigation

Mistake, called the story about the Ukrainian fighter, allegedly hit Malaysian airliner flight MH17, General Director of the Russian propaganda of the First channel Konstantin Ernst. He said this in an interview with The New Yorker.

In November 2014, the First channel showed a “sensational story” – a seemingly American scientist sent a satellite photo where Ukrainian fighter attacking Malaysian Boeing-777. The quickly exposed as a fake.

To a journalist’s question why on the First channel was shown something so easily refuted, Ernst replied: “Yes, we’re human, we make mistakes, but not specifically.”

However, he refused to accept the official version of the international investigation of the deaths of MH17, in which he was shot down by a Russian missile from the territory controlled by the militants. “Do you believe that the report of the Netherlands – however, I believe that the report of the Netherlands unprofessional” – he said.

  • Boeing flight MH17 Amsterdam-Kuala Lumpur was shot down on 17 July 2014 over the militant-controlled territory. Killed all 298 people on Board.
  • On 14 November, the joint investigation team (JIT) have published record of telephone conversations of leaders of insurgents in the Donbas and the testimony of witnesses. It follows from them that the militants podchinyayutsya and follow the instructions of Russian authorities.