Michael Galustyan has shaved off his mustache and looked younger

Михаил Галустян сбрил усы и помолодел

Comedian Mikhail Galustyan has launched its own challenge contrary to the terms of which – to change into the clothes of each other.

The star decided to thrusteth flashmob mineyama.

He has published in his microblog the video, which parted with a beard. He went with her for the past few years. Under the post, he urged his fans to change with it.

Galustyan long beard In the video you can see how my daughter Galustyan shave his machine. Really completed the “haircut” Michael yourself. Fans in the comments noted that the comedian after his Transfiguration younger by a few years.

The artist threw call Arthur Pirozhkova, Dmitry Nagiyev, semen Slepakov and other friends. Probably soon many actors will without a beard and mustache.

Uznayvse.ru reminds that now the Instagram challenge goes disguises. Man and woman in a second change of clothes and dance at the same time. In the flashmob already participated Pavel Volya and Laysan utiasheva.

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