Michael Keaton will star in the series about the opioid crisis

Майкл Китон снимется в сериале про опиоидный кризис

The actor will play a key role in the mini-series streaming service Hulu called “Dopesick” (“Stoned”, “Swallowing time”), according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The plot will be based on the book by Beth Macy. Keaton will play a doctor in a high school that is embroiled in a big Pharma conspiracy.

For reference. Opioid crisis is referred to as the growing number of deaths due to uncontrolled use of opioid analgesics. In the middle of 1990-x years the drugs of opioid group, were widely used in the United States as a pain reliever.

Mini-series will consist of eight episodes. Will be directed by the Creator of “Sleeping”, “rain Man” and “Trickery” by Barry Levinson.