Michalik helped the Ukrainian army during a speech in Russian “the Locomotive”

Михалик помогал украинской армии во время выступления в российском "Локомотиве"

Defender “Volyn,” Taras Mykhalyk has provided assistance to the Ukrainian army at a time when he played for “Lokomotiv”.

35-year-old Ukrainian is not considered necessary to advertise it, according to Youtube show “Scorer”.

The ultras of the Lutsk club did not know about this and treat this transition is ambiguous.

The fans changed their attitude towards the player, as he learnt his attitude and his attitude to the war.

Taras Mykhalyk played for the “locomotive” in 2013. During this time he has won 3 of the Cup of Russia and once again became the champion of the country.

Last season, the 35-year-old Mihalik played only 3 matches in the Cup of Russia, making 1 assist.