Microsoft announced a new game for Game Pass: list

Microsoft анонсировала новые игры для сервиса Game Pass: список

Microsoft continues to delight subscribers Game Pass new titles. This time along with relatively new games on the list were recognized as a classic of the genre postapokalipsis.

The first game in the list – atmospheric Dishonored 2, which gamers will receive the 3rd of October. The audience took its more restrained original, but still quite favorably. The rating of the Xbox version of the title on the resource Metacritic is 88/100.

The trailer for the game Dishonored 2 watch the video

Second in line is a zombie shooter World War Z, which will offer players to chop the living dead in freezing Moscow on 10 October. Critics and gamers reacted to the gunman cool his rating is 73 points out of 100.

Game trailer World War Z – watch videos

Access to the next game in the list of subscribers to the Game will get a Pass in that day that in World War Z – October 10. This is a family action-platformer Yooka-Laylee, created by former employees of Rare. The rating of the title on Metacritic – 73/100.

Game trailer Yooka-Laylee – watch videos

Still later, on October 17, the day of release, the library will add a romantic Felix the Reaper, tells about the difficult everyday life of Death. The development met the famous in circles of fans of quests Studio Daedalic Entertainment, which created the game Deponia.

The trailer for the game Felix the Reaper – watch video

Do not deprive Microsoft and fans of Japanese games: 17 Oct Game Pass subscribers will be able to experience classic rail shooter Panzer Dragoon Orta, which debuted in 2002. On the Metacritic rating of the game is 90 points out of 100.

The trailer for the game Panzer Dragoon Orta – see the video

For dessert – another classic. On October 17, in Game Pass will be available popular hit Fallout: New Vegas for the authorship of Obsidian. A great opportunity to see the large aor for those who haven’t already done so. Game rating – 84/100.

The trailer for the game Fallout: New Vegas – watch the video

That’s all for now, but very soon the service will be held on the great premiere from the authors of Fallout: New Vegas – subscribers will be able to space The Outer Worlds. It will appear in the Xbox Game Pass in the day of release, October 25.

The trailer for the game The Outer Worlds – watch the video

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