Microsoft announced the prices for the paid support of Windows 7: the numbers are impressive

Microsoft объявила цены на платную поддержку Windows 7: цифры впечатляют

On January 14, 2020 Microsoft will end support for Windows 7. Previously, the company promised to extend support for security updates for the operating system for three years for corporate customers and government agencies.

The website Overclockers reported that recently, many large companies have received a message from Microsoft that contains a payment plan for those wishing to use Windows 7.

From January 2020, the cost of support of Windows 7 Professional will be $ 50 for the device and the corporate Enterprise version of Windows (we are talking about the agreement and license between the company and Microsoft) will cost customers $ 25 for the device.

Microsoft объявила цены на платную поддержку Windows 7: цифры впечатляют

Usage statistics of different versions of the Windows operating system

Every year these amounts will be doubled. Thus, in 2021, companies will have to shell out an additional $ 100 for Extended Security Updates (ESU) for Windows 7 Professional, and $ 50 for Windows Enterprise. Finally, from January 2022-January 2023 the cost of support of the mentioned operating systems will increase to $ 200 and $ 100 respectively.

According to NetMarketShare, now running Windows 7 continue to run for approximately 37% of all desktop computers and laptops. The share of Windows 10 when it is 40%.

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