Microsoft introduced DirectX 12 Ultimate games on PC and consoles: video

As we learned earlier, the Xbox Series X will work on the graphics architecture of the RDNA 2, and will be able to support ray tracing. To keep up with trends, Microsoft introduced a new version of DirectX 12 Ultimate, which can be used to improve the graphics like on PC and next-gen console.

The main feature of the API will support several technologies, noted Microsоft team blog.

Features, new technology

In addition to updated to version 1.1 DirectX Raytracing, the interface will allow the hardware to work with Variable Rate Shading. This will reduce the rendering quality to “invisible” areas of the screen to unload the GPU.

Also implemented Mesh Shader for more precise control over the interaction with the GPU, as well as Feedback Sampler to speed up loading of textures.

Ray tracing in computer games (raytracing) is a solution for creating realistic lighting, reflections and shadows, providing a higher level of realism compared to traditional methods of rendering.

Demonstration of new technologies:

Microsoft introduced the system specifications of the Xbox Series X on 16 March. After a few days she was told Sony the same information about the PlayStation 5. However, the second presentation was not intended for the mass market Japanese company literally inundated gamers technical information that has generated a lot of jokes in the network.

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