Microsoft is again accused of oppression employees

Microsoft снова обвиняют в угнетении сотрудниц

The website Quartz reports that Microsoft is not all right with the observance of women’s rights: the company held the meeting on the neglect of the personnel Department to reports of sexual harassment and discrimination of employees.

According to the story, the meeting was considered a long chain of emails that started March 20. Apparently, this issue has touched many women in Microsoft – they told stories of inappropriate behavior at work, ranging from threats for refusing to provide sexual services and ending discrimination in career advancement.

According to the workers, telling about the humiliating experience of human resources, they often received hostile or evasive answers to their complaints. Part of the charges touched on the main team Xbox. One employee described the event this way: “We held a women’s round tables when I was in the main team [Xbox], and each of the officers, except one, called work bitch”.

She also revealed that there were similar situations in other parts of the company:

“Before people will say that this only happens in Xbox (I have heard many times in Microsoft about this neglect), other engineering organizations, where the similar cases were Windows and Azure. It is common practice for the entire Microsoft.

Another employee claims that during his working trip one of the employees of the partner threatened to kill her if she refuses some sexual action.

“My Manager-man told me that it sounded like he was just flirting and I have to deal with it – says the incident, the girl. – HR is, in fact, told the times that there is no proof and this person works in the company-the partner, not Microsoft, they can’t do anything”.

Another high-ranking employee of Microsoft said that she was asked to sit on someone’s lap at a meeting of the company right in front of the human resources Department and other supervisors. She objected and quoted rules Microsoft, but asked to do it man just said he don’t have to listen, and repeated his request.

When it came to comments, the representative of Microsoft gave a statement to the Executive Vice President of HR , Kathleen Hogan (Kathleen Hogan). She said she was shocked by the content of the complaints and invited all who had such a humiliating experience, to write to her directly to get rid of this problem.

Recall that a year ago, a lawsuit was filed against Microsoftalleging that the company failed adequately to take steps 238 complaints of sexual harassment, discrimination, and even rape.

Microsoft снова обвиняют в угнетении сотрудниц

Microsoft снова обвиняют в угнетении сотрудниц