Microsoft revealed some interesting details about the Xbox Project Scarlett

Microsoft рассказала интересные подробности о консоли Xbox Project Scarlett

The Microsoft conference at E3 2019 revealed new details about the Xbox console next generation. The device, codenamed Scarlett will appear on store shelves in 2020 and will have a fairly high performance.

Main characteristics. The device was customized bundle with the CPU architecture ZEN 2.

The graphics subsystem consists of an unnamed chip Radeon Navi. As the operational and VRAM GDDR uses the standard 6, and for storing data and a snapshot of running games meets the SSD with a special structure. He is so fast that can be used as virtual RAM.

Advantages. According to the statements of the creators, all these components will provide the overall performance is four times higher than Xbox One X (whose number is about 6 teraflops). If you believe this information, the console of Microsoft will be about twice as powerful than the flagship Radeon VII.

The announcement of the Xbox Project Scarlett – see video

The streaming games. In addition, Scarlett will interact with the cloud, that allows to stream on her hits from the remote service, and will also be able to run activities for other cloud devices. However, the details of this technology have not been disclosed yet.

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