Microsoft will close streamingby platform Mixer: what’s next – a reaction of the streamers

Microsoft закроет стримингову платформу Mixer: что дальше – реакция стримеров

Microsoft закроет стримингову платформу Mixer: что дальше – реакция стримеров

Sometimes too high a competition impossible to win even with tens of millions of dollars spent on the development of their project. It seems that Microsoft thought so and refused to continue to support streaming platform Mixer. The authors of the content together with the audience invited to move into Facebook Gaming.

The closure of the service Mixer Microsoft said in his blog. The information fell like snow on the head, because until recently Microsoft was actively developing Mixer.

When Mixer stops working

The platform will stop working on July 22, so Microsoft has now engaged in the transition of the streamer and the audience for the new service. The users of Mixer proposed to spend the remaining currency in support of content creators because they get double the amount of monetization for June.

The reaction of gamers and streamers

Facebook Gaming also has promised to all streamers of the same partnership as on the old site. But according to rumors, not all of it is staged – the insider Reid Slasher of Breslau said that Tyler Ninja Blevins and Mike Shroud Grzesik he refused to go, although the service proposed to double the payments on their contracts. The journalist said that the amount they received from Mixer 30 million dollars and 10 million dollars respectively.

Briefly about the Mixer

The platform launched in 2016. Despite the deals with the extremely popular personalities, the service was not able to beat the competition Twitch and YouTube. Now the company is going to develop Facebook Gaming including through integration with the Xbox and Project xCloud.

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