Microsoft will teach cars to talk

Microsoft научит автомобили BMW разговаривать

BMW together with Microsoft are planning to create a platform open source, which will make conversations with car voice assistants are more natural and personalized.

System BMW Open Mobility Cloud based on Microsoft Azure cloud platform. With the use of artificial intelligence technologies the developers are going to empower the personal assistant user interaction. Team based in Munich (BMW) and Seattle (Microsoft), aimed at creating a more relaxed dialogue between machine and human. In other words, you don’t have to memorize specific phrases that are listed in the operating instructions, and speak like a normal person.

It is curious that the first steps towards this approach have already been implemented in all newly produced cars of the German company. For example, you can say “Hey, BMW, I’m cold” (Hey BMW, I’m cold), and the system, namely the Intelligent Personal Assistant that will automatically tweak settings on the climate control.