Midsummer-2019: everything you need to know about the holiday

Ивана Купала-2019: все, что необходимо знать о празднике

In the middle of summer, Ukrainians celebrate the most mysterious holiday of the year – Midsummer. Jumping through fire, swimming at dawn, guessing at her spouse – all traditions of this holiday are rooted in pre-Christian times. About all the features of the Ivan Kupala – read our material.

Traditional Eastern Slavic holiday of Ivan Kupala is celebrated on 7 July. Kupala is not a public holiday, so this day is the optional output no.

Midsummer was originally a celebration of the ancient Slavs associated with the Solstice. Today we know more of Ivan Kupala as a Christian celebration. The thing is that this day coincides with another feast of the Nativity of John the Baptist (John the Baptist). Old style celebrated on 24 June and in the modern calendar, Midsummer is celebrated on 7 July.

Midsummer is one of the most magical and mysterious holiday of the year because of the special rituals and traditions. For example, a well-known rite of purification – jumping over the fire. In ancient times people believed that it rids the human body and soul from evil energy and sin. Through the fire jumped both alone and in pairs. According to legend, if the couple can overcome the fire, then they are destined to be together until the end of time. But if the hands are open, it promised the imminent parting.

Another important attribute of the holiday of Ivan Kupala swim at sunrise. Thus the people were cleansed his body from disease and negative energy. In ancient times, before sunrise had to go to the lake to bring all the livestock, because the night of Ivan Kupala, the water acquires special healing properties.

The ancient Slavs believed that the water allows a person is spiritually reborn, people washed his face in the morning dew, believing that the moisture is Heaven sent.

In addition, in this festive evening boys and girls went in search of a flowering fern. According to legends, the one who will be able to find this mythical flower, will always pursue good fortune and success. Try to find it and you. If this is not done, it is possible to collect at least the magic plant is a gentian. It has long been collected by the Ukrainians on the day of Ivan Kupala. According to legend, on the night of July 7, the plant acquires the healing properties and even gives you the ability to fly.

Midsummer refers to the people’s Church holiday. On the eve of this feast in the churches held solemn services, and in the morning begin to celebrate Christian feast of the Nativity of John the Baptist.

For Kupala night preparing the straw and hay to make a Scarecrow. On the evening of 6 July, the people go to water bodies and make people’s fun – sing songs, dance, play around, and in the end burn a straw man.

Night of Ivan Kupala look forward to the girls, because at this time they begin to wonder at her spouse. According to ancient custom, a girl’s got to make a wreath using a special magical plants, and then run it on the lake or river. According to the rules, the one whose wreath will sail the furthest, will soon find their future husband.

But our ancestors believed that on this day all the evil spirits leave their habitat – forests and ponds. So bathing in the night safely.

The ancient Slavs believed the Midsummer fire Holy, if it contains solar energy which protects from dark forces. So on the night of July 7, people staged massive game around the fire – dancing and jumping through fire. The fire was supposed to burn all night. Nobody had the right to extinguish it.