Mielnica on the head – Bang! A new gameplay trailer for the multiplayer action VALHALL

Мьельниром по голове - хрясь! Новый геймплейный трейлер мультиплеерного экшена VALHALL

VALHALL – multiplayer action from Kiev Studio Blackrose Arts. Recently the developers showed a new trailer of the game, on mode Wield Mjolnir.

If you pick up a hammer Mjollnir in this mode, you will have to fend off all the other players. The task simplifies what your opponents will be unarmed, they’ll have to beat you with their arms and legs. Other details about Wield Mjolnir yet.

In the future the authors plan to add RPG-elements and single user mode. According to the Studio, she was interested in more work on the story side VALHALLentering quests, survival, and the large open world.

The authors identify the following key features, which, apparently, partly due to the main mode VALHALL – “Royal rumble”:

• 50 soldiers in a single match.

• Splitting the card into four equal parts, each of which offers different surroundings and weather that changes during the game.

• Responsive fighting system, thanks to which success depends on your skill.

• Free switching between cameras from the first and third person. According to the developers, both are equal due to the innovative system, not allowing to inspect the area for objects when the view from behind the shoulders.

• Constantly collapsing map with a huge arena in the middle. The gravitational field is constantly narrowing towards the centre, destroying everything in its path.

The date of release from VALHALL yet. The game can already pre-order for 465 rubles in Steam, for which you will get access to pre-release tests. Price will increase with development.