Migrants of contention

Мигранты раздора

Austria and Italy propose to keep illegal immigrants on the ships and not let them out until they will decide on whether or not to grant them asylum. This has been stated in the Vienna conference of European Ministers on migration issues.

Rome in June 2018, has banned entry to its ports to ships of non-governmental organizations that transport illegal migrants. And the government of Italy pointed out that in the summer the flow of illegal migrants into the country has dropped five times.

However, a sharp anti-immigrant rhetoric is not supported by all.

Matteo Salvini, the dispute with foreign Minister of Luxembourg Jean Asselborn ended unparliamentary expressions from the Luxembourgers:

Matteo Salvini, the head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Italy:

“Your point of view, to put it mildly, different from mine. Maybe you need a new Luxembourg migration, I would prefer to in Italy, the Italians once again began to give birth to more children.”

Jean Asselborn, foreign Minister of Luxembourg:

“Well here you have it too! In Luxembourg, just so you know, tens of thousands of Italians! They came as immigrants, they worked in Luxembourg, to have in Italy was money for the kids! God damn it”.

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