Mike Tyson celebrates 54 years- the best knockouts of the legendary boxer: video

Майк Тайсон празднует 54-летие – лучшие нокауты легендарного боксера: видео

Майк Тайсон празднует 54-летие – лучшие нокауты легендарного боксера: видео

June 30, 2020, the legendary American boxer Mike Tyson turns 54. During his career he earned the nickname “Iron Mike” because he was a real puncher. Sport 24 says spectacular knockouts in the performance of the icon box.

The Achievement “Iron Mike”

Tyson debuted as a Pro back in 1985, when the first round knockout of Hector Mercedes. The first 19 fights Tyson finished ahead of schedule, and the series of wins was 37 fights, reports 24 channel.

In General, the legendary American had 56 fights – 50 wins (44 by knockout) and 6 defeats.

Mike was the absolute world champion in heavy weight category (1987-1990). The world champion under versions WBC (1986-1990, 1996), WBA (1987-1990, 1996), IBF (1987-1990), The Ring (1988-1990).

Linear champion (1988-1990) and the highest paid boxer in history to Floyd Mayweather.

Tyson owns numerous records and scandals. He is the most recognizable boxer in the world.

At 54 years old Mike is thinking about returning to the ring. Tyson plans to hold an exhibition match.

Many resources offer their lists of the most spectacular knockouts of Tyson.

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