Mikey Garcia, who ran away from Lomachenko, was defeated in a title fight: live

Майки Гарсия, который убежал от Ломаченко, был разгромлен в титульном бою: видео

American boxer Mikey Garcia, with whom wanted to fight the Ukrainian Vasyl Lomachenko lost the fight for the IBF title at Welterweight. Garcia lost the first fight in the career of Errol Spence.

Spence did not allow Garcia to make a splash, defeating Slovenia in the 12-round match.

First 5 rounds were in the exploration and battle like a game of chess. In the 6th round Errol showed who is the favorite, and a few minutes of going forward, working intensively. Garcia first looked a little confused, a lot of skipping. Subsequently, however, the applicant was able to snap and lines up the fight.

After 7 rounds Garcia had a little bleeding from the nose. The champion attacked a lot and in the ninth round Mikey looked like he’s gonna be removed from battle. In the 10th round, Garcia went ahead and started to wave, but Spence was alert and took the fight at close/medium range.

In the end, the judges unanimously saw the victory of Spence, which for the third time has protected a title of champion IBF: 120:107 and twice 120:108.

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