Mikhail Dobkin tried on the image of the biker and recorded a campaign ad

Михаил Добкин примерил образ байкера и записал предвыборный ролик

Former Kharkiv Governor Mikhail Dobkin, who is going to participate in elections of the mayor of Kiev, finally formalized their intentions in image video. The election it neither in fact nor legally can not be named: the campaign hasn’t started yet, and no official statements Dobkin in the video does not. But the vector is clear. Video ex-mayor of Kharkov published July 13, on his page on Instagram.

For centuries became famous in 2007 after viral video, which his appeal to the people was recorded Mykhailo Dobkin – the candidate in mayors of Kharkov, this time zamaterevshy policies wisely silent. Although VoiceOver Gennady Adol’fovich, of course, the expression and dynamics is not enough.

But the dynamics and tempo of this movie is, indeed, very different: smooth, waltzing, soothing. It breathes respectability and worldly wisdom held biker. First Dobkin is silent and rides the bike on the Kiev embankment then coming to the monument to the founders of the capital city, respectfully removes his glasses with a shaved bald head and is silent again.

At this time, behind the scenes plays a major song about the capital – “Yak you not to love you, Kiev miy”. However, in the video, Dobkin text changed: instead of the classic version sounds: “how you disliked”. Probably in the sense “how they don’t like you!”, “once you’re abused!”

And the last two words in this line, “Kiev miy,” the commentators interpret as a request to win, saying that “Kiev is mine!” (and indeed Dobkin makes this emphasis in the caption to the video). Despite the fact that, as the song says and as evidenced by the political situation, “Grae sea is greener”.

In the comments someone sincerely praises the movie, and someone trolls Dobkin, hinting that his time is gone, and the way outdated:

Advertising – top! Retro style will attract retirees, and the image of “brother” – cattle, maybe even 4% gain if be good

Mykhailo Markovych, Kharkiv jealous!

Cool movie and the mayor would have made a great, but do not vote. Kyiv is voting for “Freedom” and other nationalist.