Mikhail Efremov was involved in a car accident in Central Moscow

Михаил Ефремов попал в автоаварию в центре Москвы

According to journalists, the famous actor had an accident on one of the Central streets of the capital.

The accident occurred on Smolensk square. Has faced a foreign car and domestic car production. As a result, injured one driver. The second driver, according to press reports, was Mikhail Efremov. It is reported that it have been send for medical examination. It is assumed that in the time of the accident he was drunk. According to a source in law enforcement bodies, the car driven by the actor, went into the oncoming lane. If the information is confirmed that Ephraim may be in for a punishment up to criminal life.

Mikhail Yefremov was detained by the police after an accident in Moscow Newsmir.info recalled that two years ago in Samara there was a scandal associated with the behavior of Michael Ephraim on stage. The audience, which was not audible cues of the artist, began loudly to resent the right during the performance. Efremov replied rudely, without departing from its role. Many argued that he was drunk. In his “contemporary” for Ephraim stood up, explaining pickguard poor acoustics of the hall, which gave the play.

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Law enforcement officers