Mikhail Krug is alive, he is secretly saved by the kingpin – media

Михаил Круг жив, его тайно спас вор в законе - СМИ

Famous Russian singer Mikhail Krug was murdered in 2002 in Tver during an armed robbery. According to investigators, the burglars broke into the mansion of the artist, and when he resisted, he was shot.

However, after the tragic death of Michael Krug in the network like mushrooms after a rain began to appear version and causes of the incident.

In 2019, the investigating authorities announced the names of the killers singer. They were members of the gang “the Tver wolves” – Alexander Ageev, Dmitry Veselov.

Then, the network appeared information about the fact that the star of the chanson alive, and his murder is staged in order to hide it from an inveterate enemy, crime boss and leader of the group “the Tver wolves” known as Scrap.

According to insiders, Mikhail Krug appealed for help to his friend and “thief in law” Sasha North, who offered to “play” his death and in one fell swoop to get out from under the scrutiny of competitors and enemies.

However, Mikhail Krug often spent time with the authorities in the criminal world and it is possible that in the circle of his “friends” were people who could help him to “die” for all:

Also, fans assumed that to qualify for financial legacy of Michael Circle could one of his three wives, but all this remained at the level of conjecture and speculation.