Mikhail Lysenko explained why he is against garages in the courtyards of the Dnieper

Михаил Лысенко объяснил, почему он против гаражей во дворах Днепра

In the river after the Kiosks, stalls and nalivaek reached the extralegal demolition of garages.

About this on air of the program on the verge of 34 TV channel said the Deputy mayor of the Dnieper Mikhail Lysenko.

“Last year, we demolished 410 garages. Unit come to the city Council to enter into agreements for the cooperative. Besides, most people use garages not for Parking cars. You see this garbage. It is not Lysenko and Manovtseva left. It is the people themselves. Therefore, I oppose any garages in the yard. Can you imagine such a monstrosity in Vienna or Munich?”, asked the Vice-mayor.

According to Lysenko, within garages Dnipro used to accumulate trash, ranging from old mattresses and ending with lamps on bicycles. Therefore, the only category of citizens who may obtain permits for garages are invalids of the first group with injuries of musculoskeletal system. But with one condition: it must be decorated the car.