Mikolenko recognized as the best player of the match “Dinamo” – “Bruges” according to Instat

Миколенко признан лучшим игроком матча "Динамо" – "Брюгге" по версии Instat

InStat appreciated players of “Dynamo” in a return match of the 3rd qualifying round against club Brugge.

The best in this indicator was the defender “it is white-blue” Vitaly Nikolenko, on account of which assists. 20-year-old Ukrainian scored 328 points, which was the best result in both teams.

The three of Kiev also included Vladimir Shepelev (304) and Denys Boiko (287).

It is worth noting that the novice Gerson Rodriguez fewest points – 195. This is worse than the record of all players in both teams, even those that are substituted.

Миколенко признан лучшим игроком матча "Динамо" – "Брюгге" по версии Instat

We will remind, the match ended in a draw 3:3. In the first game won by club Brugge. Thus, the Belgians in the two games came out in the knockout stages of the Champions League.

After being eliminated from the third qualifying round of the Champions League, Dinamo qualified for the group stage of the Europa League. Due to its fairly high rating, the club will zherebets the first basket.