Miley Cyrus ended the affair with his girlfriend kaitlyn Carter – media

Майли Сайрус завершила роман со своей девушкой Кейтлин Картер, – СМИ

American pop singer Miley Cyrus, made up a scandalous affair with blogger Caitlin Carter. The girls decided not to build a relationship, but remain friends.

According to the insiders of the publishing People, the decision celebrities took days. Miley Cyrus and Kathleen Carter have become good friends after breaking up with their husbands, because of the dissolution of the novel will not affect their friendship.

Miley and Caitlin broke up. But they are still friends. They were friends and supported each other when both broke up with their loved ones. But now they are no longer in a romantic relationship,
– said the insider.

At the same time, the girls continue to spend time together and live in the estate of the singer in Los Angeles. Representatives of Miley Cyrus has not yet commented on the news about her personal life, and insiders of its close associates admit that the pop artist has no regrets about his romance with Caitlin Carter.

“They live together and are very happy. Miley copes with everything. She moves on and has no regrets. She loves spending time with Caitlin,” added the insider.

What is known about the novel Miley Cyrus and Caitlin Carter?Singer Miley Cyrus and actor Liam Hemsworth after only 8 years of marriage filed for divorce. It happened in August 2019. Friends of the star couple explained that Miley and Liam could not get along in the same manor. On the day the relevant application to the network appeared first joint photo of Miley Cyrus with blogger Caitlin Carter. Famous American women vacationing on the island of Como, kissed and hugged.

Immediately after that, the media started talking about serious intentions Miley Cyrus. According to journalists, she immediately acquainted the parents with his new fiancee, Caitlin, and with it began to attend social events, not hiding his feelings for the girl.