Militants fired Avdiyivka: destroyed two houses

Боевики обстреляли Авдеевку: разрушены два дома

Civilians were not injured

Armed forces of the Russian Federation of July 3, fired the private sector in the town in the Donbass. In the result two houses were destroyed.

About this Facebook reported the operations of the joint forces.

The staff reported that the militants were shelling the private sector with mortars of caliber of 120 mm.

“One of the mines got to the holiday house, located in the garden area “Lesnaya Skazka”. The building caught fire and the flames spread to a neighboring house,” – said in EP.

As a result of shelling none of the civilians was not injured.

“Blatantly ignoring the rules of warfare, enemy reaffirms its occupying entity and deliberately endanger the civilian population”, – noted in headquarters.

Informed RBC-Ukraine wrote that as a result of attack by fighters July 3, village zaitsevo killed 80-year-old local resident.

It was also reported that on 3 July the situation in the Donbass deteriorated sharply, for half the day militants have carried out 12 attacks of positions of the FOS.

In addition, German newspaper the Spiegel noted that Russia demands until July 6 to submit the draft on the status of Donbass.

Боевики обстреляли Авдеевку: разрушены два дома