Militants have perpetrated a grenade attack on the Donbass: “a Soldier was wounded”

Боевики учинили гранатометный обстрел на Донбассе: "Военнослужащий получил ранение"

All the opponents fired on Ukrainian positions nine times

The press service of the Operations of the combined forces summed up the results of military action in the conflict zone for January 20. Evening brief as of 18:00 published on the official page in Facebook.

Midnight in a strip of actions of operational-tactical group “East” fighters once covered the soldiers with fire from rocket-propelled grenades, heavy machine guns and small arms near the settlement of Gnutovo. In addition, from the Donbass was shot four times from the same types of weapons at Ukrainian military positions near Pavlopol. Near the village of Kamenka the enemy attacked the combined forces of anti-tank systems and rocket-propelled grenades.

And in the band of action of tactical group “the North” at the position of the combined forces of the enemy opened fire from machine guns, small arms and rocket-propelled grenades around the farm is Free. And twice fired at the neighborhood of the village of Crimea from grenade launchers of various systems.

Foreign troops in response to provocations of the enemy were fired from duty weapons. In the end, from the Ukrainian side were injured one soldier. Enemy losses is not yet known. “The situation in the area of the EP remains under control of Ukrainian Military”, – said the press service.

Earlier, the armed forces captured in the Donbas, Russian “spymaster”. 93 military brigade “Cold Yar” the Armed forces of Ukraine was shot down in the Donbass drone invaders with a screaming title “Supertron”.

The device was a makeshift remake of the Chinese UAV “Phantom 4”. Foreign product DJI fighters slightly modernized mechanism for drop fragmentation. They shelled Ukrainian positions, uses a shell VOG-17M. And shank of a drone printed on cheap 3D printer. In addition, inside found parts of old mobile phones.

Earlier, the Militants from the “Ministry of foreign Affairs of LNR” were killed and injured in the murder of a goose. Supposedly, poultry killed by stray bullet of the Ukrainian military personnel.

According to authorities, near the Ukraine-controlled village of dmytrivka Stanichno-the Lugansk area of the item equipped training ground 59-th separate motorized infantry brigade of the armed forces. And hour shooting it has created unbearable living conditions in the village. Bullets are flying over yards and threaten to get the local inhabitants, as in the aforementioned goose.