Militants in the Donbas hid from observers of the OSCE 7 howitzers, – OOS

Боевики на Донбассе спрятали от наблюдателей ОБСЕ 7 гаубиц, - ООС

Self-propelled artillery units do not exist in the places of discharge.

Russian occupation troops in the Donbas hide heavy weapons from the special observers monitoring mission of the OSCE. About it reports a press-the centre of operations of the joint forces.

According to the report, militants have withdrawn from areas of permanent storage 7 self-propelled artillery (howitzers 2S1 Gvozdika, 122mm). The SMM monitors noted the lack of weapons on the designated place on 18 January, however this information has appeared only today in the report for the previous day.

It is also reported that the gate to the facility, which is subject to verification, locked, making it impossible to conduct the inspection.

Recall that the militants over the past day, January 22, four times violated the ceasefire regime in the zone of the OOS in the Donbas. The shelling was wounded the employee of the Antimonopoly of Ukraine.