Militants in the Donbas speed combat training – Hur

Боевики на Донбассе ускоряют боевую подготовку - ГУР

Russian occupational command in the Donbas accelerates the training of headquarters and units, and increase the intensity of combat training.

It is reported that occupational command accelerates the planned activities training of staffs and units controlled by the Donbass. In particular, from August to July postponed the timing of the bilateral command-staff exercises 1 (Donetsk) and 2 (Lugansk) army corps.

At the same time, the increased intensity of combat training, including with the implementation of the shooting of weapons combat vehicles and tanks, and small arms. And because the acceleration events of combat training increased level of threats to the security of the local population.

In particular, June 30, during firing exercises near the occupied Santanoni in the Luhansk region were shelled several houses of the inhabitants of the village.

Recall that on 1 July near the village of Vodiane, the militants fired at the ambulance. In the result of a direct hit by anti-tank missile killed two physicians, one was injured.