Military confrontation between India and China on the border killed 20 military

Военное столкновение Индии и Китая: на границе погибли 20 военных

Approximately 20 soldiers of India were killed during a clash with Chinese troops in disputed border the Western Himalayas. Immediately, the Indian army said that three of its soldiers were killed, adding both sides suffered losses. Later, however, officials said that he died several seriously wounded soldiers, the BBC reported.

As a result, “17 Indian soldiers, who were seriously injured in the performance of official duties” and died from his injuries, he brought “the total number of deaths in battle to 20”. In the army of India noted that “not a shot sounded”.

China has not confirmed any casualties, but blamed India for the border crossing.

The press Secretary of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of China said that India on Monday twice crossed the border, “provoking and attacking the Chinese staff”.

This incident was the first deadly clash in the border area for the past 45 years.