Military planes fly over Donbass: what happens

Военные самолеты летают над Донбассом: что происходит

On controlled Ukraine of the territory of Donbass has flown four warplanes

They became known from the report of the OSCE.

It is known that the aircraft was recorded by the drone of the OSCE on 21 February over the village of swallow, which is not far from the demarcation line, mentioned in the mission report.

“Four military jets flew over the swallow’s (19 km North-West of Donetsk) from North to South, and then turned to the southwest at an altitude of about 3,000 feet [915 meters]”, – stated in the message.

However, it is noted that the last time there were fewer violations of the regime of silence in Donetsk region, but more in the Luhansk region.

This is stated in the formal statement of the mission posted on his page on the social network. “The mission intends to carefully examine all statements accordingly with all procedures. We have taken all necessary security measures to counter cyber-attacks against different employees”, – stated in the message text. Moreover, the mission’s leadership continues to insist that the work of the observers is “transparent”.

Yet it was reported that one of employees of Special monitoring mission of Ukrainians angered by the celebration of the birth of Lugansk terrorists.

Appropriate post posted a group of “Shabby surzhik” on Twitter.

“Sho to give the employee a birthday? Obseshniki Luhansk team of SMM OSCE gave his colleague Karakul hat “kubanka” Cossack with a badge of the IAF. Now monitoring officer Drina Milford embroider around the office OSCE_SMM a La the widow of the chieftain”, – stated in the message.

This was the reason for caustic ridicule the users of the Internet network.

“Two dozen carefully selected professionals that have passed fire-water observers of the OSCE SMM to focus not see and are not aware of a flagrant violation of its own code of conduct CodeOfConduct. And post in Facebook, like each other. Sincerely offended by jokes about blindness,” wrote one of the users.

Военные самолеты летают над Донбассом: что происходит

Военные самолеты летают над Донбассом: что происходит