“Military” Poroshenko’s adviser accused of embezzling humanitarian aid for 20 million UAH

"Военного" советника Порошенко обвинили в присвоении гуманитарки на 20 млн грн

Yuri Biryukov accused the Danish philanthropists in the theft of humanitarian assistance.

International charity Global Medical Aid suspects the adviser of the President of Petro Poroshenko on the issues of the defense Ministry Yury Biryukov in the theft provided as humanitarian aid drugs and equipment to 20 million hryvnia.

A request to the name Poroshenko accusations towards Biryukov published in a Facebook adviser to President-elect Vladimir Zelensky on the issues of the Armed forces Ivan Apartin.

“I beg You to allow me, as President of the Danish international charity Global Medical Aid to request the start of an official investigation regarding BF “wings of the Phoenix” and/or Yuri Biryukov on the provision of charity care totaling more than UAH 20 million from the Global Medical Aid Foundation “Wings of Phoenix”, says the inquiry on behalf of the head of Global Medical Aid Frederick of Duesberg.

According to information from the Global Medical Aid in 2014 Biryukova charitable Foundation “Wings of Phoenix” made a request about the provision of humanitarian assistance, and in January 2015 2 trucks with humanitarian aid sent to Ukraine. Estimated value of the goods amounted to 20 million hryvnia.

The company unsuccessfully waited Biryukova from the acts of acceptance and invoices for humanitarian goods.

“After receipt of the goods the “Wings of Phoenix” I sent them a request for documentation: acts of acceptance-transfer, invoices, etc. They promised me to provide. During the spring and summer of 2015 many times I have sent reminders predostavlenii of documents and 3-4 times visited the office of “wings of the Phoenix”, and each time I was convinced that I will receive documents soon. Moreover, I was informed that the Fund was “working” on compiling the documents, although they had to be made before the transfer of medicines and medical equipment to end users and signed by them at the time of receipt of the goods. I don’t understand why I didn’t give the documents that was supposed to be ready in 2015″, – said the head of Global Medical Aid.

At Global Medical Aid through a long period of time wait for Biryukova document which has no legal value because it did not contain the signatures and stamps of the consignees, and otsutstvie information about the number and name of medicines.

After receiving a “document” in Global Medical Aid has sent letters personally to Biryukov, but the answer have not received.

“I still don’t know what happened to the humanitarian aid that was sent to Global Medical Aid to the charity “Wings of Phoenix” in the amount of UAH 20 million and can conclude that the medicine and medical equipment had not been transferred for the benefit of patients, as has been stated, and were used for the personal enrichment of Yuri Biryukov”, – the statement says.

"Военного" советника Порошенко обвинили в присвоении гуманитарки на 20 млн грн

"Военного" советника Порошенко обвинили в присвоении гуманитарки на 20 млн грн