Military second-hand: armored plant complained about provider of “Ukroboronprom”

Военный секонд-хенд: бронетанковый завод жаловался на поставщика "Укроборонпрома"

“Ukroboronprom” earned on corruption schemes, not only overstating prices, but also supplying quality goods for armored plants. Where went the military equipment to the Ukrainian front.

The journalist of the program “Our money” and the author of investigation Lesya Ivanova in the “What was that?” told what the details are brought to the Kyiv armored plant.

Two years ago the journalists got the document from the receiving point of the Kiev armored plant, where he was claims against the supplier. Workers of the plant was a huge list of items that are not brought into the model APC.

Some of them could try to change, to tweak, to adjust, but not all. After all, they are stripped, sometimes it is used, and the parts impossible to test for performance.

Workers told us that a car came and dumped a mountain of metal. Then came their experts and said, “this, this and this we take! Take the rest and change, because it doesn’t fit!”. It was all stuff that will not fit on the right car, or can not check. The situation is generally reminiscent of second hand,

– told the journalist Lesya Ivanova.

It is clear that the plant did not take quite of poor quality. They require replacement, or in need of repair, if possible.

After receiving the correspondence, the reporters saw a lot more of similar claims. Kiev armored plant repeatedly exhibited claims: “we checked the transfer box, and they occur”, or “nuts downed the massacre and they get out”.

The plant could not put the broken item on the tank, which would be sent then to the ATO or one of the international contracts. Workers were asked to replace part of poor quality, but because of this production time was delayed.

What is known about corruption in defence sector of Ukraine?

The team of the journalistic investigations Bihus.Info published a film in which it is alleged that the son of the first Deputy Secretary of national security Council Igor Gladkovsky together with Vitaly Zhukov and Andrei Cattail through company-strip supplied to the defensive enterprises of the Russian contraband items or items of Ukrainian military units at inflated 2-4 times the price. According to journalists, the size of theft is not less than 250 million.

The authors of the investigation say that to the corrupt deals involved the first Deputy Secretary of national security Council Oleg Gladkovsky, which was previously a business partner of the President of Petro Poroshenko, the former head of “UkrSpetsExport” and the head of the state concern “Ukroboronprom” Paul Bukin, as well as Directors of enterprises and other officials of state concern. The agreement was organized in three major firms-strip, and one of these firms allegedly made by the plant “Workshop on Fishing”, which at that time belonged to Poroshenko.

See the full investigation on the program “Our money”:

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Военный секонд-хенд: бронетанковый завод жаловался на поставщика "Укроборонпрома"