Milk helps women burn more fat at the gym

Молоко помогает женщинам сжигать больше жира в спортзале

Women who drink milk gain better results in the gym – they have a more intense burn fat better and tightened muscles.

That milk helps women who visit the gym, hurry to find a figure of dreams, said scientists from McMaster University (USA). The results of their studies show that women who drink two glasses of milk a day, reduce body fat and good muscle tone to a greater extent than, for example, women who drink energy drinks.

“The benefits of strength training for women is very large. Thanks to them increases the strength of bones and improves muscle metabolism of the muscles. While lovers of milk doing in the gym more effectively,” the researchers noted.

They had organized a three-month experiment involving young women who I was engaged to this weight training equipment. Two hours before the participants drank clean water, and immediately after training of the women drank half a litre of milk and some energy drink.

As a result, those women who drank milk were able due to training in the gym to burn more fat, which they replaced with muscle mass. According to experts, they expect to see positive changes in the muscles – this, according to them, contribute to the substance of milk, namely a combination of calcium, high quality protein and vitamin D. But the fact that women were able to burn off very much fat, became for them a pleasant surprise.

Experts recommend to pay attention to dairy products is not too high fat.