Million capital Onishchenko brought from custody, specifying the newly formed firm

Миллионный капитал компании Онищенко вывели из-под ареста, записав на новосозданную фирму

The court order is not appealable.

The court overturned the arrest of the corporate rights of the company “Maidan Plaza”, which appeared in the case of embezzlement the former people’s Deputy Oleksandr Onishchenko.

The corresponding decision of the Solomensky regional court of Kiev made on March 19. Judge Vadim Senin overturned the arrest of 135 5 600 UAH authorized capital, which left almost a year ago, according to pack.

At that time the company belonged to the mother Onishchenko – Innes Kadyrova, who together with his son was accused of stealing gas produced along with the state “Ukrgasdobycha”. However, after his arrest, the company rewrote the Swiss “Gesis SA” and recently, in March of 2019 – in the newly formed Kiev “sale company”. This firm and asked the court to cancel the arrest.

At this point in the registry published a short version of the solution, so it is unknown what the owners argued its request and why the court agreed with them. The decision is not appealable.

Arrested money the investigation is handed over to the management of the national Agency for search and management activiv. They were on the Deposit account. If the final verdict in the case against Onishchenko, the court ordered to confiscate the property, accumulated on Deposit the funds would go to the state budget.

The company “Seil company”, which rewrote the business Onishchenko, was only 3 months ago, allegedly for the purchase and sale of real estate. New beneficiary “Maidan Plaza” is Livchak Vadim. According to open sources, Slivjak – 47-year-old Kiev actor. Other business had not, written man in a high-rise building in the Darnytsia district of Kyiv.

The company “Maidan Plaza” owns premises in the centre of Kiev at the address Khreshchatyk, 27-B. According to the investigators, that there was an office of a criminal organization Onishchenko. This property was also arrested, but in April of 2018, the court overturned the arrest.

Recall Onishchenko has created a criminal organization, whose members, in the period from January 2013 to June 2016 illegally earned more than UAH 1.6 billion on natural gas sales. As a result of such actions of PJSC “Ukrgasdobycha” (100% of shares belong to state NAK “Naftogaz Ukraine”) was damaged in the amount of more than 740 million UAH.

In the “gas scheme” involved a few dozen people. Leaders of a criminal gang, in addition to the Deputy considered his mother Inessa Kadyrov and businessman Valery Lean.

Onishchenko fled Ukraine and is wanted, although Interpol has refused to declare him internationally wanted.

July 5, 2016, when the MP was already abroad, the Verkhovna Rada gave its consent to bringing to criminal responsibility, detention and arrest.