Million compensation awarded to the family of a girl who broke a bolt head in kindergarten

Миллион компенсации присудили семье девочки, которая проломила болтом голову в детсаду

A million hryvnias of compensation given to the family of the girl that is in kindergarten Kremenchug was stabbed in the head with a bolt.

Avtozavodskiy regional court of Kremenchug passed sentence on the case four years ago, associated with injuries to girls in kindergarten.

The incident occurred on 23 July 2015 in the kindergarten №1 of Kremenchuk. Five-year-old Catherine Cesak played on the Playground group “Barvinok” and hit his head on a metal bolt.

Doctors diagnosed the girl has a fracture of the frontal bone, an open head injury and concussion. According to “TSN”, child four hours was in surgery head of neurosurgery region. In order to save Katherine’s life, doctors put her in an artificial coma, and then had surgery under General anesthesia.

She is now healthy, but has a disability and studying at home. Until she put a metal plate in place of the damaged section of the skull, it is necessary to guard against injury.

Militiamen opened criminal proceedings under part 2 of article 137 of the criminal code (improper performance of duties for the protection of lives and health of children). The investigation lasted 2.5 years. The case to court was transferred to the end of 2017. As a result, the prosecution put forward the head of the kindergarten Nadezhda P. and educator Svetlana L., which was the day with the pupils. Svetlana L. has resigned from the kindergarten immediately after the incident. She is now working at another kindergarten.

Judge Elena Predilec met the head of the kindergarten and was found guilty of improper performance of duties of the teacher. In making this decision the judge was guided by the official investigation of the Department of education of the Kremenchug city Council. It found that life was miserable, and employees of a kindergarten in it is not guilty. The actions of educators, which is not followed by security, the referee saw a causal connection with the incident, and the actions of the Manager – no.

As punishment for Svetlana L. the judge has chosen the freedom restriction for 3 years. From detention the teacher was released with a probation period of 1 year. In addition, the Avtozavodskiy regional court of Kremenchug has partially satisfied the civil suit of parents of Catherine Cesak. They asked to collect from the Department of education Kremenchug 605,1 thousand UAH in material damages and 2 million UAH moral. The first part is the money that they spent on treatment and recovery.

The judge ordered the education Department to reimburse 57.2 thousand UAH for treatment, and 1 million UAH of moral damages. This decision can be appealed in the Poltava court of appeal within 30 days.

Миллион компенсации присудили семье девочки, которая проломила болтом голову в детсаду