Millionaire from Kharkov mired in the courts and debt – media

Миллионер из Харькова погряз в судах и долгах, - СМИ

The businessman from Kharkov Alexander Grinko in eight years has slipped from the top richest men in the country in endless litigation associated with the network businesses, writes with reference to “DS”.

So, to stand that far into the 2012 lit up on 169th position in the rating of the richest Ukrainians according to the version of the Focus, in consequence, according to media reports, was at the center of numerous court proceedings. According to the article, less than three years Grinko, apparently, has created a network of businesses that could be used in all sorts of bad purposes. At least people with the same surname, name and patronymic, a few people appear in different registers of legal entities as founders, beneficiaries and signatories.

Businesses may be created Grinko (and/or his family, loved ones, friends and colleagues) was the same across multiple locations (often using the same phone numbers), are parties to (beneficiaries) from each other. In one way or another by enterprises “wander” Alexander Grinko, as well as, according to the media, his mother Raisa Grinko, supposedly they “lit” daughter Karina Grinko, the current civil wife Elena Tynkevich and several partners – Anna stop sign, Peter Kutsenko, Olga Lipak. Many firms in the state registration can be found in the Register of court decisions.

Many of these companies are United by that they have a large debt and activity 68.20 “renting and operating of own or leased real estate”. A vivid example – “ALFA”. Among the founders – A. Grinko and OOO “law firm “UKRAINE”. Director – Karina Grinko. Ultimate beneficiary – Olena Chinkevich. Activities – NACE 68.20. Have debts. The company appears in the proceedings (the latter courts). Another pokazatelniy case of emergency “BAN+”. Founder, “Theatre Cafe” (authorized person – Peter Kutsenko). Authorized person – Karina Grinko. Ultimate beneficiary – Aleksandr Grinko. CTEA – of course 68.20. The company a large debt.