Millions of tons of waste after the accident at the “Fukushima-1” are stored in close proximity to housing – NHK

Миллионы тонн отходов после аварии на "Фукусиме-1" хранятся вблизи жилья - NHK

Over half of the volume of waste collected as a result of works on liquidation of consequences of the accident at Japanese nuclear power plant “Fukushima-1” is stored in close proximity to housing.

“Next week will mark 9 years since the accident at the NPP “Fukushima-1″, however, more than half of the volume of waste generated as a result of decontamination are stored near the houses of the local population”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that during cleaning operations, areas affected by the nuclear accident, there were around 14 million cubic meters of contaminated soil and vegetation. The Ministry of the environment of Japan plans to move them to temporary storage near the nuclear power plant by March 2022.

Meanwhile, in the vaults collected approximately 6.3 million cubic metres of waste, i.e. less than half.

“The rest is on the territory of schools, parks and in places of temporary storage,” says NHK.

As reported, the accident at the NPP “Fukushima-1” occurred in March 2011 when tsunami hit the station has failed the power supply systems and cooling.

As a result, three reactors melted fuel, which burned through the protective reactor. Large areas in Japan were subjected to radioactive contamination from the station had to be evacuated tens of thousands of people.

The disaster at “Fukushima-1” became the largest in history after the Chernobyl accident in 1986.