Minamaneho wants to cancel the preferential tariff for the population to pay “green”

Минэкоэнерго хочет отменить льготный тариф для населения, чтобы платить "зеленым"

Acting Minister of energy and environment protection Olga Bukovec initiated the cancellation of preferential electricity tariff for the first 100 kW * hours for the population from 1 October 2020 to ensure payment of the green tariff producers of solar and wind power. This was reported by Business Censor, citing its sources in Minamaneho and a draft Memorandum of understanding with investors in solar and wind power, which was at the disposal of edition.

According to the draft Memorandum, from the abolition of preferential tariffs for the population 1.10.2020 of Minamaneho expected to collect from the population in the energy market 3.1 billion UAH. In annual terms, population would have to pay 11.6 billion UAH. The decision of the Ministry actually proposes to collect from the population of funds needed to pay for “green”. Furthermore, additional costs are expected to shift to the industry and to raise the tariff “Ukrenergo”.

According to the Business of the Censor, the draft Memorandum was presented to President Vladimir Zelensky, however, he refused to ratify it.

Practically, this means that the energy Ministry could not agree with the producers of “green” electricity on the conditions, allowing to overcome the crisis in the energy sector. A new draft of the Memorandum does not meet the original promises of Minenergo suggests – for producers of solar electricity, the reduction rate of 15% (instead of 25%), and for manufacturers of wind power by 7.5% (instead of 12.5%)

Recall the “green” generation is producing 8% of electricity, while the share of renewable energy accounts for 26 percent of all payments in the system. In Ukraine, the tariff for electricity producers is the highest in Europe and amounts to 4.27 UAH, for comparison, nuclear generation sells electricity in 57 kopecks.