Mini copy: Rihanna showed his double – shocking photos

Мини копия: Рианна показала своего двойника – шокирующие фото

The famous American R&B and pop singer Rihanna amazed fans with the little girl who porazitelno like her.

Rihanna posted a photo of his DoppelgangeR on the page in Instagram and admitted that she is shocked by the stark similarities of the child with her.

The girl’s name is scarlet, her mother an American of Beria has posted pictures of his daughter online and designated them a popular singer. Now Rihanna found out that she has a little copy.

“I hardly phone was not released. How?” added signature star.

The photo has gathered over 6 million preferences and a lot of comments, including from other celebs.

“This is your mini copy”, “Twins! How is this possible?” “I thought you rejuvenated your face in FaceApp”, “Rihanna, you need to remove it in one of his clips”, “Mini Riri”, “When did you give birth?”, – write users in the network.

We offer view more photos of the little Alai, which is considered to be a copy of Rihanna: