“Minister of death” Suprun completely insane: “soon” will not come, save yourselves

«Министр смерти» Супрун окончательно спятила с ума: «скорая» больше не приедет, спасайтесь сами

Still call for an ambulance during a high temperature? Don’t worry, more to do. Wonder why. Then ask the acting Minister of health Ulyana Suprun. She was advised to forget about doctors in such cases.

About “delirium tremens” Suprun mentioned lawyer Michael Schneider, calling such statements “apogee medical reform”:

“A few days ago, Suprun said that the ambulance should not come on call to the patient with the temperature below 40 degrees.” There are very clear reasons why you should call an ambulance and quick when they have to leave. When there is a temperature more than 40 degrees, or when there is heart pain or breathing problem “explained Suprun. She also added that 103 should only call in case of an emergency and when to wait. I have no words. This is the case when you think we’ve reached bottom, but the bottom suddenly knocked… ” – ironically Schneider.

Well, if Suprun does not consider the correct arrival of the doctors on call with a temperature of 39.5 C, then it is time we act on the principle “the rescue of drowning – the handiwork of drowning”. We have prepared for you a set of basic rules that will help you to reduce the temperature without pharmaceutical drugs:

1. Drink plenty of liquids

The first and foremost rule when the temperature is to drink a lot. The more you drink fluids, the more often and in greater volume of urine, and, therefore, faster toxins from the body. In addition, the temperature time the patient is actively sweating and losing moisture from the body and to prevent dehydration no way.

2. Rubbing and compresses

To reduce the temperature, wipe the body with towel soaked in cold water (with vinegar), or apply it as a compress on the most “heat exchange” zones: the forehead, the lower part of the head and neck, armpits, wrists, hands, and feet. As the heating compress should be changed. Do not forget to constantly replenish the water balance in the body.

3. Vitamin C

It is known that vitamin C enhances immunity, is more appropriate than ever in the treatment of SARS. If the fever is caused by the common cold enter into the diet of citrus, black currants, raspberries, sea buckthorn, cherries, rose hips.

What not to do at a high temperature

NOT zamatyvaetsya 20 blankets.

Don’t put mustard. The reason is the same, plus if mustard to overdo – you can get burned.

Under the ban also warm compresses, hot baths, steam rooms and the like.

Discard foods that stimulate blood circulation, like coffee and alcohol.

No need to heat and humidify the air in the room. It promotes more rapid bacterial growth and can only worsen the condition. Better regularly ventilate the room, but avoid drafts.