Ministry of health: terms of disability recognition of critically ill reduced

Минздрав: сроки признания инвалидности тяжелобольных сокращен

Agencies approach the final resolution of this issue, reported by Minister of labor and social protection of population of the Russian Federation Maxim Topilin.

The period of disability recognition of palliative patients is reduced ten times. Previously, the survey took 30 days, now time is 3 days.

Topilin sure that the main focus, with the support of citizens with disabilities, is providing maximum comfort and the speed of receiving social services. The priority is the simplification of procedures for issuance of disability.

It is reported that the necessary technical means of rehabilitation will be provided within a week. Also approved the list of serious diseases in which is set an indefinite disability. This list includes cerebral palsy, deafness and blindness, down syndrome, and cirrhosis of the liver.

Mentioned the fact that in comparison with last year, the number of applications for the provision of disability in correspondence increased by 45%.

We will remind that in Russia there are more than twelve million people with different disability groups. The status “invalid” is a specially authorized agencies. Medical-social examination provides medical and legal procedures for the needy. When establishing a specific disability group, people get certain benefits and payments, and restrictions in its work and capacity.