Minsitry plans to pay for the Internet to certain categories of the population

Минцифры планирует оплачивать интернет отдельным категориям населения

In Minsitry plan to introduce targeted assistance to citizens who cannot afford access to basic Internet.

The Ministry of digital transformation plans to introduce targeted assistance to citizens who cannot afford basic access to the Internet in 30 Mbps.

This was during the briefing said the Deputy head of Minsitry Alexander Rustle. Who will receive assistance

“All citizens can enjoy the basic right of access to information via the Internet, we plan to address compensation to those consumers who cannot afford the basic rate to 30 Mbit/sec”, – said Rustle.

According to Shelest, the initiative stipulates the obligations of Ukraine in the framework of the Association Agreement with the EU.

Also Shelest stated that the state’s role will be to ensure order on the connection of social objects through the transparent announcement of the competition for this service.

“We expect that as operators get first and regular customer in the form of institutions of social infrastructure, they will be able to provide an adequate market competitive prices to consumers,” – said the Deputy Minister.

He also added that in the next two to three years, the Ministry hopes to reach an Internet connection 100% of the population of Ukraine. The chronology of events

According to a study of the Ministry of digital transformation, 452 hospital in Ukraine (25,74% of all hospitals in the country) is not connected to the Internet connection.

According to other studies Minsitry, about 92% of Ukrainian libraries and 40% schools are not connected to quality Internet.

According to the state statistics, 70.1% of the population of Ukraine (over 26.9 million people) in 2019, used the services of the Internet, of which more than 77% used the Internet at least once a day.

29 Jul 2020 became aware of the fact that the Ministry of digital transformation plans to make available high-quality high-speed Internet to 95% of the population, and particular attention in this context will be given to the networking of social infrastructure.

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