Minsitry will show a training series for $100 thousand

Минцифры покажет обучающие сериалы за $100 тыс

To attract as many Ukrainians as possible to the topic of digital education, the Ministry of digital transformation it was decided to create an educational series, instead of the usual online courses.

“The first step is understanding what the Ukrainians need the digital education and how it will make their lives better. If there is no trust, no interest, people won’t go on our platform do not register and do not see our series,” said producer of educational projects of the Ministry of digital transformation, Vitaly Spivachuk.

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Vitaly Spivachuk, photo: Arthur Saenz / Delo.ua

Including, therefore, the creation of educational content, it was decided to involve Ukrainian stars. Over the first three projects worked Olga Sumska, Nadezhda Matveeva, Ruslan Hanumak and Masha Efrosinina.

According to Vitaly, the format of the educational show will be: in the Studio, celebrities will invite experts and ask them relevant questions from Ukrainians concerning different aspects of digital literacy.

The first three of the series will be available in Ukrainian, Russian and sign language.

Also, Spivachuk assured that all materials have been removed and are in the process of installation.

So the content was not too tiring, all the series will last 7-8-10 minutes. In addition, the user will not be able to move on to the next series until the previous test. The main components of content: dialogue, humor, improvisation, and gravitacija.

Since each group has its own interests, according to Vitaly Spivachuk, it was decided to lay a basic series of three season – to-season in the interests of a particular group. Before you go to view, it will be necessary to pass a test that will help determine which season is best suited to you. The series will consist of 22 episodes.

The first basic educational series designed for seniors, fathers or single mothers that already have young children, and couples aged 30+.

The second series will be aimed at teachers and professionals who want to deepen their IT knowledge. Number of episodes: 10. Leading will be the teacher of Informatics Novopecherskie school, Tatiana Tkachenko and teacher of history and social Sciences in Chernivtsi gymnasium №3, Nicholas popadiuk.

The theme of the third series: How can parents provide digital security to their parents. It will consist of 11 episodes. Leading this project will be actress Masha Yefrosinina and counselor on issues of safe Internet for each child under the Minister of digital transformation, Anastasia Dyakova.

Vitaly Spivachuk, photo: Arthur Saenz / Delo.ua

According to the Minister of digital transformation, Mikhail Fedorov, to improve their digital knowledge, you will not only online. Across the country will be massively open offline hubs. He also assured that public money for the implementation of this project were not allocated and were involved only with the help of partners.

Partners, in particular, have become CISCO Foundation “Shidna Europe”, UNDP UNDP and others.

On the question of Delo.ua about the cost of the project was answered by the assistant Minister for the digital transformation of Ukraine on European integration, Valeriy Yonan: “In MVP (minimum viable product – Minimum viable product. The start of the project, – Delo.ua) attracted $100 thousand. This amount went to the creation of a platform, shooting courses, to conduct research. More money will be involved also through partners.”

Valeria also shared that in 2020 almost every month we plan to launch a new project. Overall, for the year should reach about 20 educational products.

In addition, advertising and promotion will involve libraries, Snapy. Planned advertising, running public service announcements on TV. And the negotiations that the TV channels broadcast some of the series of educational projects of the Ministry.