Minsk agreement is no longer relevant and need to be reviewed – Reznikov

Минские соглашения уже не актуальны и их надо пересматривать - Резников

Deputy Prime Minister gave examples of provisions of the Minsk agreements, which already are not present.

The Minsk agreement is largely no longer relevant and should be reconsidered.

This was stated by Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine – Minister for reintegration of the temporarily occupied territories Alexey Reznikov in the broadcast channel “Ukraine is 24”.

“About the Minsk agreement I even quote Mrs. Merkel, they are not set in stone. Today they do not correspond to the realities in which Ukraine was, when was the agreement as a political and legal agreement. Because today the time stipulated in the Minsk agreement – 2014-2015 – has expired, and implement the Minsk agreement”, – he said.

Deputy Prime Minister gave examples of provisions of the Minsk agreements, which do not correspond to the present.

“Today we are making attempts to restore this opportunity to give a chance to Minsk to carry it out. But there are many things that do not correspond to the “Minsk realities.” For example, if you read carefully the first paragraph of the Minsk agreement, it clearly States that the line of demarcation and separate areas referred to, Luhansk and Donetsk regions defined by the respective Protocol that is detected and will be recorded (minutes – ed.) in the relevant resolution of the Verkhovna Rada. This was done, it clearly States the limits specified by the coordinates – this line does not match. The armed forces who are under the influence of Russia, they advanced and occupied 1,700 square miles greater than that provided by even Minsk. So today, in any case, the Minsk agreements should be reviewed”, – he said.

Reznikov also said that Ukraine still does not control the border, and therefore can not hold elections.

“In addition, there are specified things such as first elections, and then taking control of the border, which is impossible, since Copenhagen, the standard by which we should undertake there is an election that the OSCE has determined that they meet the standards of Ukraine and the Copenhagen standards, include the lack of foreign troops, illegal armed groups, and may not be the lack of control on the part of Ukraine over the territory”, – he said.

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