Minzifa of Ukraine will monitor suspicious scripttrandate with Crystal blockchain Blockchain

Минцифра Украины будет мониторит подозрительные криптотранзакции с помощью блокчейна Crystal Blockchain

This week, Minsitry signed a Memorandum of understanding with the Blockchain Crystal company B. V., which is one of the leading manufacturers of software for the monitoring of operations with cryptocurrencies.

The Memorandum was signed within the framework of government initiatives for monitoring cryptocurrency transaction Ukraine. It is reported by Minsitry on its website thedigital.gov.ua

Also, the report says that the software company Crystal used by Ukrainian banks, private and government agencies for monitoring financial transactions.

Executive Director Crystal Marina Khaustova said that officials of the Ministry who oversee the digital market of Ukraine and maintain communication with the Finance Ministry, will use the company’s software to monitor and track suspicious cryptocurrency transactions.

Earlier, officials of the Ministry of Finance stated that the monitoring of all scripttrandate worth more than $1200, in accordance with international standards of anti-money laundering (AML) and Ukrainian legislation.

Khaustova said that the agreement “is not limited to access to the tools of conformity”. Officials from Minsitry “wanted to consult” regarding the development of legislation and normative legal acts for a thriving sector of the virtual assets in Ukraine.

“The main goal of our cooperation is the rapid formation and legalization of the market of virtual assets in Ukraine”,

– stated in the message of the Ministry.

On the website CoiNews Ukrainian hacker hacked into a government database and tried to sell it for cryptocurrency. He sold the confidential and proprietary information of Central authorities of Executive power of Ukraine.

The portal CoiNews informed about the initiative, which was presented by the Ukrainian Ministry of energy. There is suggested the use of nuclear power for mining cryptocurrency, which could be one of the best ways to use the current excess energy.

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