Mircea Lucescu was dismissed from the post of chief coach of the national team of Turkey

Мирча Луческу уволили с поста главного тренера сборной Турции

The Federation of football of Turkey has decided to dismiss the Romanian coach Mircea Lucescu as head coach of the national team. At the same time that the first and last match, Lucescu at the helm of the Turkish national team played against Ukraine.

As stated on the website of the football Federation of Turkey, Lucescu, they have dissolved the partnership by agreement of the parties. The Federation thanked him for the work he Lucescu said that “Turkey will remain forever in his heart.”

However, to talk about the success of the national team of Turkey under the leadership of Mircea Lucescu’s not necessary. Romanians led the team on 2 August 2017. His first match in his new position, was the game against Ukraine in Kiev. The Ukrainians won 2-0. In the end, under the guidance of Lucescu Turkey took the 4th place in the qualification for the 2018 world Cup (the Ukrainians in the group finished third, having passed in front of itself, Iceland and Croatia). Subsequently, the team was relegated from division In the League, finishing in last place (the team won only one away game in Sweden, losing twice Russia). The last match under the leadership of the Romanian specialist, Turkey conducted against Ukraine on 20 November 2018. Initially the match was to take place in the river, but at the request of Lucescu, the game was moved to Turkey. The match ended with the score 0:0.

In just 17 matches of the Turkish team under the guidance of Lucescu has managed to win 4 games. Seven ended with the defeat of the Turks. In six games was a draw.

Recall Mircea Lucescu 12 years was the coach of Donetsk “Shakhtar” (from 2004 to 2016). During this time the Pitmen 8 times won the championship of Ukraine and the UEFA Cup in 2008/09. In 2016, he headed the Russian “Zenith”, but he worked in this position for only one season. With him was also terminated an agreement “on mutual agreement”, although the Russians had to pay compensation in the amount of 2.5 million euros for the termination of the agreement.

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