Miss arms? Here are 5 daily rituals that will replace them

Скучаете по объятиям? Вот 5 ежедневных ритуалов, которые их заменят

Because, most likely, it will take some time before we will again be able to hug your friends or just freely enjoy the beauty of the world, here are 5 simple ways to add more touch into our lives.

The first easy way is to facial massage and skin care in General. All you need to do is to take a few extra minutes applying product to the skin. “If you take the time to massage, especially the use of orange oil, you can cheer yourself up and fill their desire for tactile contact, says beautician Yasmina Vico. – You will also notice that the skin will get more oxygen and increased blood flow stimulates the muscles of the face, outlining cheekbones and jaw line. Skin will look fresher and younger, and so the mood will be better.” The beautician recommends that apply a soothing cream or oil in circular movements on the main points (around the eyes, chin, cheeks and nose wings). You should start with the center of the face outward movements, gradually descending to the neck.

“The skin is extremely rich in nerve endings, and for this reason the touch is able to offer many physiological effects,” says Renata Nunez, acupuncturist, physiotherapist and masseuse. She recommends acupressure, in which specific spots on the body are stimulated by pressing on them with fingers, not needles we associate with acupuncture. Using a stiff (but comfortable) pressure fingers, núñez advises to press for one or two minutes on a certain area, occasionally making circular massaging motion. “One of the key points in this massage is the point of the “Yin-Tang”, the area between the eyebrows, massage which helps with insomnia, relieves headaches and calms the mind, says núñez. Massage point called “large intestine 4″ is located on the palm between the thumb and forefinger can help with headaches, constipation and puffiness in the eye area”. To cope with the negative thoughts will help massage the point “GV 20”, which is located on the top right in the center of the line that connects the tops of our ears. “The inclusion of acupressure routine helps to maintain balance and harmony in the body,” adds Nunez.

This Wellness ritual, which we all try to make a habit, but I can’t pull myself together, a real find, because the skin cleansing brush, followed by a rich moisturizing entire body brings more benefits than conventional exfoliation. “This is a great way to clear and open new breath to the lymphatic system, says Joshi, a physician and founder of the Joshi clinic Clinic. – Daily massage done with a soft brush towards the heart, purifies the lymph and blood, which in turn will improve health, increase vitality and strengthen the immune system.” Brush with a long handle will help to reach all the right places (you should always move towards the heart from bottom to top), and special attention should be paid to finding a good oil or cream for body.

Many experts say about the benefits of yoga to restore contact with the body, as well as to improve the connection between mind and body. Yoga teacher Rosie underwood agrees: “self-Massage is the most important form of communication with your body. Unlike paid massage from a professional when you do yoga, you send your body a message about what it wants the most: care”. Lessons underwood in Zoom just focused on tension that we unconsciously carry in your body. “I always start with a lowered face in child’s pose – down of the ischium on the heels of the widely spread knees and the forehead directed to the Mat – between the pelvis, thigh, and jaw there is a deep bond, so when the hips sit firmly on your heels, you can hear the ringing in my ears, stronger squeeze of the jaw or suscribete teeth. Opening the hips helps to relieve this tension.” Simple movements, like a conscious relaxation of the jaw and tongue can help to relieve tension in the muscles around the eyes, which is caused by the constant looking at the screen.

All know what a head massage is one of those procedures, which brings a specific pleasure, and although we are accustomed to the delicate hands of the master during the hair wash at the beauty salon, head massage is quite possible to do yourself. They say that scalp massage helps stimulate hair growth, it is also Ayurvedic ritual, so many brands offer special oil for strengthening the hair follicles and usually promise to give the hair Shine. Just apply a little oil on your fingertips and run them into the hair. Make small circular massage movements over the surface of the entire head and enjoy the soothing effect that massage has on your body and mind.

Text: Hannah Coates

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