Miss International 2018: the most sexy photo of venesuelly Mark Garcia Velasco – 24 Channel

Miss International 2018: найсексуальніші фото венесуелки Марієм Веласко Гарсії - 24 Канал

Today, November 9, in Tokyo was held the final of the prestigious beauty contest Miss International 2018. The vote of the expert jury of the main crown went to 20-year-old venesueli Mark Garcia Velasco.

It is known that beauty with 15 years actively involved in charity work. In Venezuela she began several projects related to education. During his public speech at Miss International 2018 girl Mark Velasco Garcia admitted that he wants to continue this business and to make books, many schools in the world.


At the same time she is actively involved in a modeling career, so her blog in Instagram is filled with bright shots of photo shoots. Mark Garcia Velasco refuses hot shots, so appears before the camera in seductive lingerie or a swimsuit. LifeStyle 24 the journalists decided to pick the 10 sexiest photos of beauty pageant winners Miss International 2018.











What is Miss International?One of the most famous and prestigious beauty contests held annually in Japan. The first show Miss International in 1960. The winner is chosen not only based on looks. Belle, the title becomes “an Ambassador of peace and beauty.”

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