Miss Ukraine universe 2019 admitted that in the past her paralyzed part of his face

Anastasia Saturday, which is preparing for a trip to USA to represent Ukraine at the international contest Miss universe, spoke about the terrible illness that befell her three years ago.

In an interview with “Facts” Zaporozhye star admitted that her parents were on the verge of divorce and so my mom became depressed. Girl to support his mother went to work in China, after which he returned and with her savings bought an apartment near Kiev.

“It was a very difficult time, we slept together on an air mattress. I stopped communicating with my father, and it lasted two years. Constantly shuttled between Ukraine and China, neither of which privacy and speech was not. There was this crazy tension, in the end, my nerves could not stand,” shared the model.

According to her, due to the high stress and load her paralyzed part of his face.

Three years ago I woke up and realized that is not closed right eye, and this part of the face just doesn’t work. By evening, the face is swollen, its totally twisted. I wore a mask and goggles, so people would not see this horror. She slept on the right side only, covering the lid and just “Vina” right side of your face in a pillow
– was struck by the story of Anastasia Saturday.

At first she thought it was allergies, so immediately took him to the doctor, but later went to a neurologist who gave her a very disappointing forecasts of recovery – such paralysis could be permanent.

“I’ve been there (in the hospital – LifeStyle 24) for three weeks. I put a dropper, injections. The priest was all blue. The doctors said I prostudio trigeminal nerve and this condition could be triggered by strong emotional stress. It’s called the Bella syndrome. I had a painful massage, always went with the walnut in his cheek and beat his small hammer with needles to restore the sensitivity of the skin. It is clear that about any work were not discussed”, – concluded Miss universe Ukraine, adding that the restoration of the person she has gone two months although now the side of the face to change the weather she still hurts.

Should know! Miss Ukraine universe is now preparing to send to the international competition. The final of the beauty contest Miss universe will be held on December 8 in Atlanta, USA.