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"Міс Світу 2018": хто виборов престижну корону на конкурсі краси - Lifestyle 24

Today, December 8, in China there has been a massive show of “Miss World 2018”. Beauties from 118 countries competed for the main crown and the prestigious title. However, the results of the voting of the expert jury, the winner was the representative of Mexico – Vanessa de Leon.

This year the prestigious competition was held in the Chinese city of Sanya. Beauties from 118 countries appeared on the podium to represent your state and show their culture in a national dress.

In addition to the fashion show, the girls showed a hobby and answered questions. Also participating the international competition took part in several conferences and charity events. As a result of all stages of the competition, the expert jury chose “Miss World 2018”. The prestigious title was won by the Mexican Vanessa de Leon.

The main crown of the Mexican beauty had received from “Miss World 2017” Manus Cher from India. The winner is Vanessa de Leon did not hold back their excitement and delight from the awards ceremony.

It should be noted that the five winners had also included the representatives of Belarus, Uganda, Jamaica, Thailand.

Ukraine after a series of scandals represented Leonila GUZ. Bright model lucky in China unique designer dress that showed on the final catwalk. It is unknown what took place charismatic beauty.


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