Mission to the moon: NASA decided where will be the landing of the astronauts

Миссия на Луну: NASA определились, где состоится высадка астронавтов

In the United States plan in 5 years to land astronauts on the moon. Already defined the place of disembarkation. It will be the South pole of the moon.

About it reported in press-service NASA. Interestingly, the location is located quite far from the landing sites of Apollo 11 (20 July 1969 Neil Armstrong carried out a landing).

Why did you choose this location. One of the reasons for this decision is the fact that this region has water supplies.

“Water is a critical resource for long term studies. It can be used for drinking, cooling equipment, production of oxygen and rocket fuel for missions further into the Solar system”, – explained the decision of the Agency.

The NASA experience in the use of natural resources of the moon will be used also for the preparation of missions to Mars.


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