Mistakes that many people make when using deodorant

Ошибки, которые многие допускают при пользовании дезодорантом

Summer simple daily ritual – the use of deodorant is particularly important. How to choose the right tool and how to use them correctly? The Challenger along with a brand of natural cosmetics Weleda talks about the most common mistakes that many people make in selecting and using deodorants.

Mistake # 1: you use a deodorant as deodorant and Vice versa

Antiperspirant fights sweat, the deodorant with the smell. In the composition of antiperspirants is usually aluminium salts or zinc, which penetrate the skin and block the emergence of sweat, your armpits are dry. As for the deodorant, it won’t protect you from sweat: active ingredients – triclosan, alcohol or propylene glycol – neutralize the bacteria that cause bad odor, mask it.

Sweating is a natural process in the body, due to which is thermoregulation. Therefore it is not necessary to once again block the sweating. And keep in mind that when you use deodorant, the pores can become clogged.

Solution: if you it is important that the armpits were dry (e.g., at a business meeting), use antiperspirant (try to do it as infrequently as possible). In that case, when you need to prevent the emergence of unpleasant smell (e.g., in training), will help the deodorant.

Mistake # 2: you use a deodorant immediately after shaving

During shaving the skin is injured. Against this background, the most deodorants and antiperspirants can cause irritation.

Solution: shave in the evening then during the night, the skin will have time to relax – and choose funds which are delicate on the skin.

Mistake # 3: you are replacing a deodorant shower

To put on deodorant only on clean and dry skin, even if you are in a hurry. So you will be able to prevent occurrence of an unpleasant smell. Apply deodorant on top of the already applied layer is also inefficient.

You should not use the tool and immediately after shower while skin is wet – the water will just wash away the layer of deodorant, and to sense from it will not.

Solution: apply deodorant need 10-15 minutes after showering, on clean and dry skin.

Mistake # 4: your deodorant does not suit you

When selecting a deodorant, it is important to focus not only on its flavor but how it suits your needs. If you have sensitive skin, aggressive products can cause irritation.

The solution: choose natural remedies.